PATCH 1.006
PATCH 1.005
PATCH 1.004
PATCH 1.1003
PATCH 1.1002

PATCH 1.006 11/24/2018

  • From now on, you can see where people died (death data storage begins at this date, so previous deaths are not visible).

    You can hide it with this button in the top menu bar:
    This button won't be visible if no data is available.
  • Added particle effect when collecting a power-up.

PATCH 1.005 11/12/2018

  • Added a private message system. You can start a conversation with anyone by clicking this icon: . You can also search for an username in the private message window:
  • Added blood particle effect.

PATCH 1.004 11/04/2018

  • Added a trail particle effect for teleportation.
  • Added a new double jump effect.
  • Player's friction and velocity adjusted for a smoother gameplay.
  • Follow me on twitter: @infland_thegame to watch: DAILY PLAYTHROUGH. I will show in video the solution of one level, everyday.

Z gaming Guy Let's play video 10/31/2018

Z Gaming Guy a Youtuber/Streamer did a gameplay video. His skills are impressive, he learned the game mechanics pretty quickly, beating "Bounce" and "Switch it up!" in respectively 7 and 32 tries. His Twitter: @ZGamingGuy

PATCH 1.003 10/25/2018

  • Added a button to change the background while editing a level.
  • Added diagonal pointer fingers.
  • Changed the camera's focus area rectangle. The camera will now show more of what is under the player.

PATCH 1.002 10/19/2018

  • Added a "reply" button in the comment section, alternative: simply type @username@ (one occurrence per message). The tagged user will reveive a notification.
  • You can now remap keyboard movement keys. Warning: CTRL + W will close the current tab, so playing with WASD + CTRL is not recommended.
  • MarshallFraction created an awesome level with an unique concept. Teleport your way into 9 celled rooms to collect the coins that will free you up. This is not an easy task :). Click here to play this level:

OPEN BETA RELEASE 1.001 10/14/2018

  • Official open beta release of the game.