default controls
Special interactions:
All your spells are stopped by spike1.
All your spells go trough spike2.
spike1 ennemies
Enemies go trough spike1.
spike2 ennemies
Enemies are stopped by spike2.
jump potion
Blue potions give you an extra jump.
rage potion
Green potions increase your fire rate.
speed potion
Purple potions increase your speed.
shield power-up
Shields make you invincible for 8 seconds.
cart break
Carts and Canons can break crates and glasses when pushed against.
cart push
Most enemies can push carts and canons.
cart enemy
Minotors, Knights and Kamikaze moles can break crates.
cart items
Canon fireballs, landmines and trapped platforms can break crates.
enemy switch
Some enemies can activate the switch.
item switch
Landmines, canon fireballs and trapped platforms can activate the switch.
All spells can be deviated.
deviation switch
You and most enemies can press the deviation switch button.
deviation reset
All spells reset their lifespan through a deviation box.
ice saw
You can stop a saw with the ice spell. It will become a platform.
canon ice
Canon fireballs interact with ice.
canon ice
All spells, projectiles and small enemies can pass through portals.